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11:37 AM


  • Mood: Slow-starting
  • Music: Under a Violet Moon -- Blackmore's Night
I think I can finally consistently spell that right. You kinda had to be there so I'm not *even* going to do the story any injustice by trying to explain.

I'm a wicked, wicked, neglectful Fell. At least everything pretty much suffers equally. At some point an update will happen. I re-colored "One Tear" in drow colors with *fanfare* traditional media. Ain't the greatest masterpiece to come off the art truck but I did it, dammit. I must admit, marker and colored pencil is fast taking over as my top favorite medium--brushed, colored ink having been first previously.

Hawk's working on a costume for me while waiting till he can get up and move around better to pack for a trip this weekend. I'll have to go rig a table in the studio so I don't kill myself attempting that picture I promised myself I'd try on the big gridpad the next time he went out of town. It remains to be seen if I'll actually drag myself away from the computer long enough to do it.  Even with the brace and meds my hands have been killing me no matter what I do...and up until last night I haven't really been doing any drawing or the like so I can't blame that.

Anyway, no spectacular occurences in the downtime. Met the neighbor's older daughter, liked her lots...visited Mark and had to talk myself out of stealing his neighbors' puppy (I'm a sucker for frost-blue eyes on a dog.) I survived Addie's extended stay and so did the house. Apparently we all didn't do much more than stare into space the next day and I hear Addie pretty much slept 27 hours. Serves her right, the little hellion!

Any funky dreams have been lost in the aether which is fine, I need to concentrate on a particular question for a friend to see what I can come up with. I might have better success when the house is quiet. Of course watch...like every other times, EVERYBODY and their dog will want my attention and once he comes back into town this place'll be no man's land again. Heh.

Otherwise, I stayed up WAY too late last night. Kinda worked myself into a snit over the neighborhood and this trip H is taking and the horizon and then couldn't sleep...well until the alarm started going off and then I went down so far there weren't even beeping clowns in my dreams.
The amount of junk piled on my scanner tells me my neglect has been extended and thorough. I'm gonna have to unbury it before I can update. Yee. The very thought makes me even *more* tired.

Ok, I think I'm done complaining for a few hours.
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