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10:31 AM


  • Mood: neutral

The ugly holiday layout went away. In its place is a greatly-more-spiffy New Year's layout. As well there's a whole bunch of related art/crops/whatevers in the Gargoyles gallery. (Followers of my recent Gaia activity will better understand the genesis of this particular piece. ^_^)

I still have three other themes in mind that need to be done but I'm doing my best not to stress over it 'cause that tends to change everything for the worse. I'd really like to get back in the swing of the whole jewelry thing as well. I've just been too damned busy. (I'm not less busy now...it's just that my level of give-a-shit has dropped dramatically.)

Ferret boys are still doing pretty well--all things considered. I have a lot of holidays+pet death anxiety from losing 2 cats a couple of years back, one on x-mas eve and one in mid-January. I've been horrified the boys are going to pull the same trick. BWAH! STRESS!

That's about all I got for news at the moment.

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