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10:59 AM

Terrier from hell

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  • Music: Circle in the Sand -- Bangles
Dog-sitting again. The whole pecking order around here changes. I'd say not this time but then I'd be a liar. =P But if I thought I was non-productive before it's gonna border on coma now. I'm unclear as to how long she's staying...all I know is they dropped off a LOT of food. *chuckle* Guess I'll find out. Luckily the dog has a "bedtime" so there's always the late evening to get art-motivated (provided I'm not completely exhausted by then.)

Had a weird dream about gypsies and some sort of fast-moving, long-legged, ill-tempered Komodo dragons. Frrrreaky.  Otherwise nothing's changed except I'm a handful of pages closer to the end of Small World. I remember when I had the patience to finish three books a week. My attention span (such as it is) is shot. I guess cartoons really do rot your brain. I'm gonna stay addicted tho...at least until I'm reduced to basic motor function and a series of simple verbalizations.  *ogre face*
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