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11:01 AM


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  • Music: Beautiful Stranger -- Madonna
Nothing new, nothing's changed. Hannah is still alive and actually that is new news but I never thought to the contrary. *L* Scanner is still the scanner. Small World is still...small but I did recently discover it was TK's first novel so that puts a new spin on the input.

Heard some depressing rumors about certain Marvel endeavors I'm absolutely rabid about but I won't go off until I'm better informed. (Not that I have any designs on becoming so soon...tho whim has a way of picking me up and shaking me like a kitten.)  Van Hellsing looks like it's going to be as big a POS as LXG. If that happens I'll pass on beating Jackman to death with a toaster over contract issues. But then, that'll mean my wrath has to be spent elsewhere.

Anyhue, I have a lot of slacking off to pack into the next 2 hours or so. I'm off. (Way off.)
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