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12:03 PM

A small dose of despair

  • Mood: Too much thought, not enough whimsy
  • Music: Brains -- Voltaire
The Art Community world is pulling me down a little...I'm thinking about washing my hands of the whole mess. Not the art itself, it makes me happy. I greatly enjoy creating. However, I've been watching trends and behaviors (my own included) and I don't like what I see at all. I feel like I'm being buried in all of it and I really don't like the person I am when so immersed. Superiority on one side, spite on the other and opinion gets tattered in the arena between taste, honesty, civility, vision, and fear. (Yes, I meant "arena".) It's not a pretty place.  Sure, you're technically only truly responsible for your own behavior but in these little "cultures" everything you say, do, or think openly leaves you vulnerable. I'm spending too much time w/an expression much like the one the dog gets when you point a rubber band at its head. (I don't remember where that quote came from, but it fits.)

Like the whole ratings system fiasco. After a lot of thought I've realized the condition of 10 does not exist. It's easy enough to assign of course...I've done it myself but I realize now that I will never see a work that couldn't use some work. I don't care how "good" I think it is...and I've got some really wonky tastes anyway but I tend to see things in contexts. Time kinda stops for a few moments, brackets present with past and future-- or if you prefer was and potentially. In 10s and perception you're either lying or being lied to -- and in some dizzy-making instances: both. And then there's the theft issue. I've seen too much of it lately...reported it when I could find the proper sources but even I'm not well-enough informed to make intelligent observations anymore.  I think I'll stop w/this line before I really depress myself.

Anyway, my scanner is pretending to be broken today so once again nothing's happening at the pace it should. I pilfered through a barrage of weasel photos and set aside a few to put up in the site later after I've taken another crack at the evil machine of picture-making.   Small World isn't holding my interest very well. The language is good, the flow is reasonable but I've yet to find substance. Well, it's lurking at the edges but it won't come in. It still has 200 pages or so worth of chances so I'll save my rant till later.
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