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10:29 AM

Post-Easter sugar coma

  • Mood: Irritated
  • Music: Uninvited -- Alanis Morissette

Mnnngah! Too much candy. The dog never did settle down. She listened better for a little while but was shortly back in all her hellspawn terrier glory. (I like the dog, don't get me wrong...but I'm WAY over thinking getting one of our own is a good idea.)

The biggest event of the day was the half-mouse that I discovered out of nowhere. I'm not going to speculate as to where that came from or which of the beasts undid him. In fact, I'm going to traumatic block it right now. *nods sagely* 

It occurs to me just this instant that we're supposed to have company again in two days. And me in the big fat middle of wanting to do nothing but zone. YeaY! Guess I'd better get over that quick. The living room and studio need a thorough once-over. Oh wait...not the studio but the other art room certainly. And of course I should decide if I want to take the other two naked lamps upstairs or bring the third one down.   Squee I say...squee. I'm never going to get back on track.

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