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8:08 PM


Little update today. Lots of photos. Finally got the camera cleaned off. Whee.

I'm still pretty screwed up over Baron it turns out. Had a little breakdown at a get-together Monday. (Ok, big breakdown.) But I managed not to cry when Aid called to let us know his ashes were ready. I'll probably cry when we go but small steps, right?

Stitch and Jendax are taking it hard. They cannot be apart for any reason right now. Stitch whimpers a lot--or did the first day. Broke my heart. I'm not sure which was worse the whimpering or him deciding Baron was under the carpet (the last place Baron laid down outside of the cage) and making a really intense attempt to get to him.  They look for him and then they come to me and I swear they're trying to get me to help. It's in the way they're asking for attention and the things that they do. It's different now. Every day I guess they're a little bit less traumatized. I don't know, maybe I just want them to be less traumatized and am seeing it. Stitch is far less aggressive right now and though I've worked with him and worked with him to try and get this behavior I'm not really happy about it because I know it's because he's scared and misses Baron.

We're all just in a sucky place.

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