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1:22 PM

Yikes and yikes again

  • Mood: pensive

Here's to hoping I can get this all typed out before my comp coughs and expires.

New art in the Elves Gallery.

There *should* be new art/stuff in photos, misc, guest (maybe, I dunno yet) and new setting stuff. However much of that depends on my camera and there's a part missing.  Have I mentioned that my camera is an expensive slideshow device now? Geh. As well I've some more Elf stuff in the works, some critters, some requests, some PG-ish (or it will be if I ever get done with it) but right now everything's such a mess with the move and the shuffling of the crap from place to place and room to room that much has been mislaid (like the cable D= ) and what IS on the computer makes no sense to me now that it's 3-4 months later. My filing system needs constant attention or it fades into rambling obscurity faster than I tend to.

To top it all off even though my computer is fixed(ish) the computer it depends on is a little ...challenged. Sometimes I get 20 good uninterrupted minutes when I can find them. Most times I don't (and can't.)

ANYway, now that the ferrets have been moved to a less toxic location they're all doing better. Baron (as detailed in my other journals) does have cancer and is on borrowed time but he's much happier and more energetic now and really enjoying life. He is still sick without a doubt but it's not smashing him into the ground like it was and we're all much happier with that. Jendax and Stitch are functioning at around 80% and we hope they'll make full recoveries soon so we can take them off the meds.

The rental is a continuing challenge as now that we've breathed clean air for a month it's steadily more difficult to get any work done over there. Even though the place is open and constantly has airflow most of the rooms will make you dizzy at best.

On the upside they've fixed the driveway and it's broad and gorgeous.

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