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10:47 AM


  • Mood: Overworked
  • Music: Walk that Walk -- Saints and Sinners
Baron's sick again...or still. He was last night anyway. I'm trying to keep an eye on him. He's still chaotic-silly but undeniably under the weather. Makes me tired, that he does. (Done channeling Kenshin for the moment.)

Little loggable progress really. Wrote a little, read a little, watched a little Kingdom Hospital. I'm getting addicted. *L* I think I need to reconfigure the LR tho. The show's so dark and the lamp glare so invasive I'm guessing what's going on half the time.  I feel a marathon of some sort coming on. Probably Hellsing or Kindred: The Embraced. I haven't watched either of those for awhile. Tonight I'm supposed to do something. The something is as yet a complete mystery. All I know for sure is that Addie Mae is coming over to stay the night. As for Sy I've no idea. Somebody hasn't emailed. =P Somebody else hasn't gotten anything done tho and therefore is no one to talk. The most pivotal thing I've accomplished is deciding I'll read about 20 pages of the Abhorsen Trilogy and then switch over to Blood Canticle. TAT is another one of those I can't get into. To me it's like what would happen if DC Comics took over Harry Potter. (Let's see what kind of traffic I get from that.) Plus, the language itself doesn't do anything for me. If I'm lucky I'll have it all finished inside of three years. If I'm smart I'll avoid anything else by that author like the plague.

And there's still 1000 years of (bad) Irish Poetry to contend with. Art bug, reading bug, writing bug, viewing bug. I'm a plague of interests. (And I think I've found my new quote.)
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