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9:03 AM

So much to do

  • Mood: elated

I'm in the process of moving. Life will be nice 'n' insane till November probably (since we plan to be out of here by August and Faire starts in September.)  Just now we're running boxes over and trying to get the painting done. I'm thrilled as I have a NICE studio space and not only that but I'm painting it myself. The technique I'm using is indescribably wonderful...and a complete blast to do. I'm actually going to be a little sad once I'm done in there.  But on the upside I get to detail the master guest room myself as well.   I keep taking my camera over there but I get so busy I forget to take pictures. And even if I did take pictures I honestly wonder if I'll ever find time to get them posted in the website.

Anyway, we hope to have the four rooms we plan on changing all done in a week and then the week after that trying to get everyone together who's willing to help us move furniture and set up.  Later today we'll be running around town trying to find a fridge, barstools and a living room set...oh and pricing daybeds. It's stupefying how full our rental is now and yet how little furniture we actually have. 

The new house is amazing though. We're both very excited and happy...and BUSY.

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