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10:31 AM


  • Mood: Squinky
  • Music: Bed of Nails -- Alice Cooper
Spent yesterday spoiling a Persian and a German Shepherd (more the Persian but that was circumstantial.) I finished A Fine and Private Place and it just left me blinking. The language is just about what you'd expect from Peter S. Beagle but it had none of the charm of The Last Unicorn. I'll have to read it again in another year or so (like I'll ever get to that.) You can't expect too much progression from a book that takes place pretty much entirely in a graveyard but I still had high hopes.  After that I read half of By the Light of the Moon (Koontz). Wonder which one was more interesting?

The boys jacked the Easter Bunny and are even now enjoying the spoils. I took a bunch of pictures but they're still on the camera right now. I'll have to find the best of show. Jen had on his best sea monster for awhile but the really good shot got lost. My flash is uber slow. Less than 24 hours in possession of Ferrets and I'm already spoiling them w/greater efficiency.

No news on anything else. I never got to the sketchboard yesterday (blame the Persian...or thank her if you prefer. ) I did work very briefly on Fell and Ariah. Extremely briefly.  Today's wide open and I know we're not having a dinner this weekend (though company is still up in the air) so I'm pretty much free. Muahahaha!
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