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12:14 PM


  • Mood: Zippy
  • Music: Inside Out -- Eve6
I wonder what happened to the Tumbleweeds comic strip...

Anyway, technically this very second I should be getting ready to go somewhere but I'm churning out excuses like the tobacco industry. I've realized very recently that the last (and first and only) picture I've done of Syrie is  colored pencils on colored paper so I'm scrapping that idea. No face and no tattoos at the moment so he should be relatively easy to change if I decide not to waste the paper.  Just updated a little, but yet again didn't finish the update. I'm focus-free today, moreso than usual. Fell's still in Photoshop, I've got a Gambit sketch I'm tentatively toying w/markering like Amalthya. (I likes my redheads!) What's worse is my first issue of Ferrets arrived and it's calling my name. Bwee! My three are rattling around saying: Hey, ...where's the Pedialyte? So yeah, they're still under the weather but it hasn't dampened their passion for candy-flavored beverages...cept Jen who won't touch sweets so getting him medicated is tricky. He's actually not sick but his foot is still bothering him.

Can you tell what my favorite emoticon is?

Ooh, and yesterday I found out V thought we were dead. I love it! We're not...that or anybody dropping by should be really creeped out by this entry from beyond the Beyond. Also found out V was told we didn't want them to come over this weekend. Errrh...last weekend I guess. Sure, ok. That'd happen. 

And as I understand it we're now fighting w/the other neighbors or something. I dunno exactly. I haven't been clear on them for awhile now. Something's rotten in Denmark for certain. Maybe it's just H fighting. Maybe it'll all blow over like it usually does. I'm just gonna sit back and do whatever it is I do until somebody sends me the memo.  Yup.

Lessee...re-watched Little Man Tate (Hawk'd never seen it,) and watched Identity. Whee! Coulda been a lot gorier...goryer...more gory but it wasn't. Kudos to whoever was responsible for that. H said the ending was supposed to be a big surprise but I had it figured out before everybody got to the hotel. I much prefer to be floored...and tweaked. A decent scary movie hasn't come out for awhile. Mild suspense + all the gore you can shake a stick at does not a decent  scary movie make.  And deceptive trailers don't help.  If I thought myself capable I'd give up on the movie industry entirely.

Ok...now I'm officially late. OOOPS!
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