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11:02 AM


  • Mood: Zombie-esque
  • Music: Cumbersome -- Seven Mary Three
Got thrown way off track and as usual I've no idea how that happens. All I know is I watched part of Nadja last night (longest music video/student film in history I think) and The Royal Tenenbaums and that vampire movie w/Nicholas Cage...I forget the title of that one. I've seen snatches of the latter probably enough to put together into the entire movie by now. Nadja might go over better under a different mindset, I was liking some of the camera effects before it slipped into Pixel-Vision!

Non-productive but I'm trying to decide if I'm done w/one particular sketch or not. I'm thinking probably yes but I'll do well to wake up more before I finalize the thought. I'm also thinking on cleaning out my AW gallery a little. Now that the rolling comment deal is back only my newer posts are going to get any real attention. Plus, the portfolio page is getting really slow to load even on my connection. Of course, the moment I start yanking pictures is when they'll decide to re-do their display methods...just watch.

Really the only purpose to all this thinking is to divert myself from the tedious task of fixing my site. Muahaha! I'm half asleep just pondering the notion.

The ferrets are now waking up regularly (well, Stitch and Baron) just for the sole purpose of going in the back and drinking all the Pedialyte I've been putting out. The little .
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