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11:04 AM


  • Mood: Feelin' moderately icky
  • Music: Come Undone -- Robbie Williams
Another day, another couple comments on how "too skinny" Fellan is. Not fans of Chung, these folks...of course AW re-instated their rolling comment feature that brings up pictures w/o their descriptions and yet still encourages you to vote and comment. It bothers me a great deal. I like to know the thoughts attached...and we all know I like others to know my thoughts whether they really want to or not. They can opt not to read, many do (judging by the emails I get).   Anyway, her head's too heavy for her body but I'm about half tempted to dress her up as Aeon out of spite. Or attach her to Alexander rather than Mephisto. Mrow!

Yeah, so we had fun w/Sy. Took him out yesterday before he left to see a couple of the houses we were looking into. Well, Hawk handled that 'cause I was feeling really horrid almost all day and ended up sleeping through the trip. I probably should've gone to bed as soon as he left but I remained glued to this evil TV...until Phantasm IV came on in the other room. Then I beat feet. I didn't even wanna listen to that travesty. *chuckle* II was funny but that's the end of it.  I think I may've gotten Sy hooked on Elf Only Inn.

I'm still working my way through my email problem...but for the first time since late 98 my af box was completely empty...devoid of all things...barren...desolate. Humbling.   Two more lists to update (that I know of) and then it's site time. Looks like I skipped my mandatory update again this week. I just don't feel up to it. That and I can't keep focused for more than a few minutes at a time. (But this is not new.) 

Started a thank-you sketch last night for this lovely gaian that made a great little gif for April Fool's but it doesn't seem to want to work out right for me. I dunno if it's me or the anime or a combination. I gotta sit back and think about it for awhile. (Ooh, more sitting...good idea.)
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