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10:04 AM


  • Mood: Teetering on the edge
  • Music: Cleveland Rocks -- The Presidents of the U.S.A.
Tiptoe-ing around this morning. Sy came to visit, YeaY! I think he's still zonked out in the LR. We went to our fave Mexican restaurant to feed him and had a fire and all that rot. We'd had tentative plans to hang out w/the boys yesterday but they never showed up. They called but Sys have to be fed and they didn't wanna go, the poops. *L* It was late enough that I couldn't eat anyway...which didn't matter 'cause H was being a jerk a little bit so I was more interested in glaring and scowling and my lime-infused tea than anything else.

Baron and Sitch are sick. Stitch's been off since we brought him home which is weird and I'm worried 'cause there's nothing to him anymore. Skinny l'il rat. I forgot to warm the Pedialyte a little the other day when I gave it to them and found out ferrets can make the ice cream headache face...though it won't stop them from drinking or even slow them down. They were all about making the weird little snarky noises, drinking so fast & all. Little candy lushes. Heh.

Getting pretty good reviews on the second Fellan pic...which I might have expected considering my thoughts on it. The same thing happened w/my Elemental Void Fairy some time ago. I guess it just proves Dennis's point. I need to relax. (Oooh, it confuses the editor when you try to do italics in two different places in the same sentence. Never noticed that before.) Of course, the funniest thing that's been said is that she's too skinny. I let that go, go ahead and be proud of me even if you're not familiar w/my quirks. Funnier still is that the person is familiar w/anime. Probably wouldn't like Chung's body of work so I'll save my breath. The point I was trying to wind my way to is that sure it's got its charm but it doesn't and will sadly never have the finesse you find in this particular body of work.

That was the link I didn't have yesterday. Go check it out, it's an out-of-control kind of wonderful. She reminds me a lot of Ebony (whom I miss terribly) if Ebony worked in that medium. One more reason to shake my fist @ the Agent for ever mentioning black (or any other color of paper) to me in the first place. =D I'm staring down a sheet of green w/a rough Syrie on it even as I speak. At some point all this cheap construction paper is going to lose its color or change hues like all the other paper and stuff I've been too intimidated to work w/.

I'm still behind on everything. I will probably always be behind on everything. That's just the way it works. There's always something shinier rolling by. Always something.

So yeah...time to go kill time elsewhere.
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