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7:02 PM

*from the aether* O.o;

  • Mood: VEXED
  • Music: Iiiiiii ain't got no speeee-kers


And now that's out of my system. Along with everything else.  I'm just now back on from upgrade #2 (precursor to upgrade #3 I hear) erh, well sort of. Still trying to get caught up from upgrade #1.

It not goin' too good. D:

I have art.

I have no scanner. O.o; Well...I have a scanner (but not MY YUMMY LOVELY SCANNER.) It's not... connected.


Ferrets are doing a great deal better and how's this for funny? I just realized this morning I was doubling up part of their meds.

Anyway, I need to find my list of updates the site needed that I made in the downtime and do 'em. Gallery bar backgrounds are going bye-bye. Get your fix now.

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