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10:33 AM


  • Mood: Borderline Psychopathic
  • Music: My Last Breath -- Evanescence
Was run absolutely ragged yesterday. By the time my time was my own again I was too tired to do any damn thing. So I watched the Cowboy Bebop movie again and made the tired puppy noise a lot. *snerk* Oh...well there was a mild rant in there somewhere. Turns out Angelfire is discontinuing mail service. That's been my primary contact addy since 98. Free email for life my bleeding eye! 57 or so days notice isn't too bad I guess...but it'll take me longer than that to remember all the places I've hidden the AF addy.

Anyway, my primary's switching to yahoo for those who are keeping an eye on that kind of thing. Those of you that are keeping tabs on me via netscape please continue to do so, it's still my secondary. Hawk said over dinner that he's patiently waiting for me to turn into Denis Leary over this. Shouldn't take too long...I'll have to hit the website w/that agenda soon enough. And if there's anything that can righteously piss me off it's the website. Well that and glaring stupidity--save for my own which I embrace with a joy that's almost maternal!

Dove Truffle Eggs should be outlawed.
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