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10:14 AM

Nothing new

  • Mood: Jittery
  • Music: One Week -- Barenaked Ladies
Still exhausted, still pawsore and just a little manic this morning for no good reason.  Got nothing ground-breaking done yesterday but half an update. I forgot to mention yesterday that I'd started something of Allaidh the day before but this might die quickly as it's going to take some photography and *gasp* planning.

Coffee was excellent yesterday...today it has a sort of tree bark appeal the committee is still out on. For once I'm aware it's Friday while it's still Friday but I'm not feeling inclined to finish my update yet. I've got some heavy lifting in my near future and the thought makes me tired. (What doesn't make me tired?)

Spent yesterday in a lively message exchange w/a very pleasant and talented person. I forgot to get the link ready tho and I don't have it handy. I make no promises but I'll try to remember for tomorrow. The art is not a worth-see, it's a MUST!
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