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8:56 AM

Like a headless chicken...

  • Mood: sliding into despair
  • Music: Life Will Go On -- Chris Isaak

Hope everybody that cared to had a nice Valentine's Day.  We opted to skip it (and it was a load off lemme tell ya.)

I really didn't have time for it today but I just had to do a little to the website. There is new Guest Art, whee! *ish happy about that* And regrettably it was time to take Valentine Demoness off the entrance page. Poo.

I'm working on a piece of art just now (actively that is) that I'm reasonably excited about. Not sure how long it'll take to finish given my recent track record but still--whee! (Whee is going to remain the word of the day even if it kills me.)

The ferrets have continued their backslide trend--especially Baron. I don't know what to do. He's slipping away. It's really driving me crazy not being able to help him or comfort him. They all seem very happy and energetic but 2 of the 3 run out of steam fast and have weight fluctuation, sporadic appetite and all manner of other problems. I'm looking ahead and I don't like what I see. They're all getting up there in years. In many ways life's a big yellow snowball just now.

At any rate I've a plumber coming in a few hours. Might be nice to get ready for that. :/ Our basement's getting kinda swampy due to a pipe that almost isn't.

(Have I mentioned how much I'd like to move?)

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