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9:47 AM


  • Mood: Chaotic Analytical
  • Music: Laid -- James
...where some of the traffic for here is coming from. Today I'm pretending some hapless set of Missouri hill folk have somehow stumbled onto Bangkok and found themselves scrambling to Fell's Den of Deception out of sheer terror. Tame by comparision but deeply disturbing if you pay attention.

I'm stuck once again in background-land. Apparently several years of mousing at random has done little more than give me a tendency toward rolling ideas. Still, I promised myself no opinions and the closest I can come really is no voice toward them. Battle and war, I guess.  It's the last day of March and I've decided not to think about anything until tomorrow. Well, anything other than ending the life of my first white prismacolor pencil. At current what remains unsharpened fits nicely upon those stationary stickers World Wildlife sends out. (I know at least one person gets this. ) What can I say? I have an unhealthy attachment to my colored pencils. It isn't as though I don't have two more whites or anything. A good portion of the soft blacks so far were filled in with a length of lead gripped in my grubby little mitt. One of my pencils split in half awhile back and I'm unwilling to accept it.

And no, this has no bearing on the state of affairs in the world. It's merely mid-week, April-Eve and where my mind sits ATM. I've decided that's just grand.

Yesterday I finally caught the uber-mini-series for Intensity by Dean Koontz. I was SO upset when I missed it the year it aired (both times, no less.) I loved the book. Mark gave it to me one year for my birthday (it says so right inside the back cover, it does) and I've re-read half of it so far just to see how far off the show was. Kinda far thus far. Not a bad ride though (the wolves were a nice touch/change.) I've sat through worse miniseries..es... *blink*

Oh, and I do feel the need to mention that it hurts me deeply there are LOTR smilies all up in the database here. Not quite as horrid but still bad is that they've got the dog from Rugrats listed as a Simpsons character--but they managed to get his name right!

See what I find to stress about when I won't let myself stress over art? (Eh, who'm I kidding...I stressed over this hours before I started the picture in question.)

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