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9:45 AM


  • Mood: Addicted
  • Music: Today -- Oasis
I'm too easily amused by new things. *snerk* I'm still deeply mired in Gaia but those floating trunks and boxes and things are really addictive. I got new boots yesterday. I was right in the middle of another avatar pic too, so it changed tracks. *loves those floating trunks* As for the picture, I'm trying not to care about it at all...trying not to stress over "perfect" lines and precise color and all that rot. I'm trying to stay relaxed basically. Initially I was going to run the whole thing through with no erasing but that wasn't working for me. Eh, at this point I'm just shy of a coat and a background so I'm nicely reacquainted with colored pencils. =D The coat may manage to me off though. I'm also going at this one referenceless.

Anyway...I'll get back on track eventually. My focus never stays in one place long.  Oh, and the dog was ecstatic to see her popses. *L* I think the whole visit would have been different if one of them hadn't been incredibly stressed the whole time. As soon as she left, Rain plopped down in front of the heater. Too close of course and it overheated and shut down. Then she moo-ed at it. There's something wrong with that dog.

Pfoooo...what else? Nothing. HA!
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