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8:16 PM


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Ok, it looks like for at least the next 3 weeks I'm gonna have maybe 3 hours max. to myself of a day to get all my misc. internet/computer-related b.s. done in relative peace. This is provided the ferrets go back to a once a day play schedule and I get up at a reasonable hour during this time AND there's no socializing to be done anywhere. Email will take priority and hopefully I'll have website stuff do do then as well. (The latter doesn't look good but you never know.) I can't let this issue slide unfortunately. Kinda stuck.

Baron is doing better. His appetite isn't where it should be but he has put on 3 oz. and is generally a perkier ferret overall. He's kindof on a healing rollercoaster. For a few days he'll be like his old self almost and then for the next few he'll be awake maybe a few minutes during playtime before he puts himself to bed. O.o; The cats are doing great and there's nothing wrong with the dog that isn't all in her head. Woot.

And now that I have a massive headache I've forgotten everything else I was going to say.

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