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10:13 AM

We're all craving normalcy

  • Mood: Dunno yet
  • Music: All the Things She Said -- Tatu
Oh sure, a ton of new smilies but can we paste pre-written material? Non!

The dog's ready to go home. She's cute, she's fun, she's over it. *L* At current she's crawled up inside my robe and wedged herself between the small of my back and the back of the chair. Like a little hot water bottle with claws, she is. This is new. Usually when she does this she just gets up behind me rather than inside the clothes. This dog is not spoiled. Oh no.

The ferals went up last night. I managed to get them done after the dog went to bed. It's funny because when I told her it was time she sprinted for the door. She knows where she is and how to get where she lives. Anyway, there's no squinkiness this time over the request, J was on when I went to upload so I got immediate approval. He's already threatening to give me other stuff to do. 
After the halfs it's Agent's turn to drive me crazy. I need to start reading. I also need to get back to Fell and Ariah before I lose momentum on that. I'm afraid Storm is already a lost cause but I still intend to try. I went to all the trouble of dragging paint down from the studio. I should validate the action.

Doesn't look like any of that will happen today...but who knows? And I'm not sure when the dog's being picked up...all I know is that I'd really like to get the feeling back in my right arm. But does the dog care? Oh no...

I'm so ready for the next site overhaul...just not ready for the time it'll take. And I still haven't made the final decision on the pages I thought I'd remove.  Anyhue, I should take something for the wrists and get on w/my day. I woke up late again. That irks me.
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