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11:15 PM

Ferret update

  • Mood: exhausted but hopeful
He was sleeping when we got home and we let him continue to do so as it's been so hard for him to rest of late. Poor little guy aches, I'm sure of it and he's just so gaunt. He's all skin and bony knobs. We didn't used to call him Buddha just for his benevolent face and peaceful disposition. He topped out at just under 5 lbs for most of his first two years. What we've come to think of as normal is about 3 and 3/4 lbs. Little blob of love. 10:30 pm we woke him for a couple of eyedroppers of food. He fought, bless his fuzzy little heart. It was a weak sort of fight but undeniably resistance. After his unwelcome meal he hauled himself higher on me and doled out some weasel kisses. ^_^ YeaY! He started to struggle and when put back in the cage to wait out the rest of the time before ebil medicine moment he went potty and then waited at the door to be brought back out. Exhausted he dozed before medicine and by the time the eyedroppers were out he was ready for another fight. This one was stronger (joy!!) He took 3 (count 'em 3!) doses of vitamin and instead of dropping right where he was put he searched around for a good place to sleep and then noticed we had his favorite treats out. He ate two. On his own. I know we're not out of the darkest part of the woods yet but he feels better and that makes me feel a little stronger than a glass snowflake. I'll take it! Absolutely I will take it. And in slightly more amusing news Rafi flirted himself right off the stairs again and Leo is still thoroughly enjoying the cellophane Mother sent home. However he's developed some sort of weird spork fetish that I'm still trying to get my mind around. Also involved is a beaded choker I never finished. I had it put away so he had to do some real Mission: Impossibling to get it. So yeah...that's what's going on now. Well past time for bed I think. Goodnight loves.
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