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8:41 AM

And there it is...

  • Mood: sore

Yesterday Stitch completely freaked out and gave me a good mauling. The wounds don't look like much but they hurt like hell and of course it had to be my drawing hand.

And I had big art plans this week too. Now I'm going to have to work digitally or just wait it out 'cause holding a pencil is uncomfortable at best.

In other news: My driveway wall caved in on the 13th. Luckily we were out at the time and thus, no damage to person or car incurred. We still don't know anything much but it is entirely possible that they'll tell us they can't fix it while we still live here. This will push the move, of course. I'll have to wait and see, obviously. If I feel better in a couple of days I'll get a picture or two up at ArtMishap.

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