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7:40 PM

A form of progress...

  • Mood: dizzy

Still coloring the evil Urban. (For all the hype this is probably going to be a severe letdown, rather like many of my conversations lately.)

I have *fanfare* composed a to-do list for the site--this includes setting a date for the leftover guest art to go up. There will be new photos soon...a couple anyway. Other new tweakage on the way as well. ^_^

I'm down to 2 sections that need to be built. One may be more trouble than it's worth. In the past I only got the minorest of minor feedback on my image archive--all the old stuff that didn't need to be in the gallery but I hadn't the heart to delete--so I may not even bother. Depends on how ambitious I feel.

It's hard to feel anything when you're out of Cafe Francais.

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