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9:42 AM

Raining! =D

  • Mood: Optimistic
  • Music: Evil Angel -- Cats in Boots
It's all thundery and silver outside. Yee! It's a good morning for sitting outside and drinking coffee (which sucks this morning, but I only have myself to blame) and watching the neighborhood stir. Well, most of 'em have already stirred by now but there are birds and things that have taken up residence since the nature center moved just a few blocks away.

I've put about an hour and a half into the Fell picture so far and I haven't gotten very into it so I'm thinking perhaps I was generous with my time estimates before. With the ink and everything this should be going faster. I dunno. Felly still needs several areas of color. I haven't started on Ariah yet. Blasted dragon types. Today I should start the male feral. Once again I think I'm going to stick with pencil just to keep it simple. Jacks's projects are always very daunting--I don't know why. Plus I never like the results for long. That's a mystery too. I can't imagine what kind of snit I'll have worked myself into when I get past them and on to Dean. It's already a riot of color in my head.

Did two boxes yesterday and I'm not only running out of storage but non-essential junk as well. No, that's a lie...my whole sphere of chaos is about non-essentials. I've just run out of stuff I'm sick of looking @. If I read more I could fill a ton of boxes...but I have this thing about packing away or giving away (or any kind of away) books I haven't read. And anyway,  I've been told I can't move until summer's over 'cause V plans on sitting on our porch all summer for what I have to assume will be a very intense BS session. I like those.

Hawk and Mark have tentative plans for a road trip down to see Dad in a couple of weeks. Woot! If I haven't started it already that will be a perfect time to do King of the Cage...or at least attempt and fail. Doesn't bode well for the project, does it? Even worse...the gridpad is larger than I thought. But I think I mentioned that before. Oh! And Pa is improving, we got that call last night. It's still gonna be touch & go for awhile but he's coherent and that's a good thing. Brenda said he looked like a school bus with 5 o'clock shadow tho. *chuckles* When it's laugh or scream, always choose laugh. (Unless I guess there are a lot of people around to startle. )

Time to go conduct experiments on what's left of the coffee and rescue a few things from the basement. Whee.
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