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9:56 AM

Gorgeous day

  • Mood: Mild
  • Music: One (Acoustic) -- Creed
'Bout 70 degrees, overcast, light wind. Wow! Any excuse to throw the windows open makes me happy. I got nothing earth-shattering done yesterday really but I did get Fell scanned, the ferals started and the box filled and stored. I'm running out of places to ferret boxes away tho. I have too much stuff. But stuff makes me happy too. Oh, also went all domestic and cooked dinner for the neighbors. I'm WAY over Mexican now. Three days in a row is well beyond my limit.

It's Dirk's birthday today...so happy birthday Dirk. Oh and in other news, our mortgage guy thinks he might be able to get us into the house we REALLY want. *blink* *blink* *blink* What the hell am I gonna do with my own pond? *chuckles* Let alone the fact that if I still really wanted that goat I could get one. I dunno what it is about goats...I just always thought they were better than lawn mowers. Time to shut up about that now before I hex it to death.

Ferrets are good, dogs are rotten, reading material's stacking up. I gotta finish something at some point. I keep telling myself I'm going to finish that Storm painting just to call it done. Of course...now I'll have to find the light table in order to do it. Feh.

No word on Pa. I'm hoping that just means no new developments, especially for worse. Ahwell...stuff to get done. Haunts to explore, ferrets to amuse...no rest for the wicked.
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