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12:53 PM


  • Mood: *sigh*
  • Music: Breathe -- Anna Nalick

Week's only just underway and already sucksish. Ish.

I'm lukewarm about doing anything artistically productive (though my miscellaneous gallery went up a couple days ago), I was nearly phished (thank goodness for waking up as early as I did. I'm really stupid first thing in the morning.) The tagboard might hold another clue.

But, Side7 came through for me and I love them. I finished another piece of art (having nothing to do with anything I really need to finish, d'oh.) And the best part about that was Photoshop locked up like it was going to crash (does that when I play with the options too much) and I hadn't saved the 2 hours of work...but it pulled through a few minutes later. YEAY!

There was much laughter in my Monday night. It's all good. Hopefully before the end of the week I can get more done on my website. It's not looking probable but we'll see.

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