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12:42 PM

Oh my achin' brain.

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Monster headache...it figures. Today I really have to bust my patootie artwise when I'd much rather either be sleeping or figuring out the betting structure for No Limit Texas Hold 'Em. No reason...I just luff the game. I want to understand. But YeaY for Kathy Najimy taking the Celebrity Championship.

Did the uploads yesterday for MISC but the pages are still floating in limbo. Me too, with daisies dancing over my head. Probably what's causing the headache. Caffeine didn't help. Cafe au Lait is not my cuppa joe.

I've gotten really good feedback for Throne, between AW, AIM and emails. It's kinda surprising. Pleasant, but surprising. I guess it was a good first. ^_^ Now, if I could just get the time to work on Scar. Yeah yeah...I coulda skipped the journal entry.

Anyway, Side7 has become a bit of a problem. It was my backup for if I couldn't figure out how to password protect my PG-13+ stuff but within the last few hours I discovered though my payment went through my account has reverted to basic level. Not good. Emailed for help, now awaiting assistance. I'm a distressed damsel.  Oddly enough, I ended up with a PayPal problem as well but I got that straightened out first. What was the other issue? I forget. I'm-a blame the headache...or the brutal alien attack on my fish tank. Either one.

I really, *really*, really need to catch up on email. I was--for a few brief shining moments and then foom! Not no more.  Geh. But I still love my hats. And the new Jolly Rogers wasn't too bad. Seemed to really REACH in places but that which was good was stellar (at least to me.) I've been waking up at 5 so a few more things are getting done even if they aren't priority things. So it's a glorious rainy day and the ferrets aren't up yet so I guess I should make the most of the time I have.

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