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9:34 AM


  • Mood: Idle
  • Music: There You Go -- Pink
Dunno how Pa's doing. Last word we got yesterday wasn't hope-inspiring. I have to agree with Brenda. That he doesn't suffer is more important than the outcome.

My update ran way late but I got it done. I ended up taking Rain across the street to play with Zoe a little. Zoe wasn't having it. She thought about it a little while and then just yelled at me. Rain ended up dragging out all her toys and playing with them. One of them squeaked and that started a riot of sniffing. It's funny to see Rain in such a good mood. I guess she doesn't like Mia quite as much as I thought, though I'm sure she'll miss her when we find a home for Mia. Has to be a good one though...one with really patient people. (We'll probably end up keeping her forever...)

Anyway, somewhere up in yesterday Mark came by. I've never heard the word "babe" so many times in a what? 3-hour stretch? He says he was busy w/work but we know better. Newly-serious relationships devour time. Funny how he didn't talk about it while he was here...at least to me. I'm not sure what all he and Hawk talked about. Heck, it could just be that nothing's changed since the last time we talked in which case it would behoove him to be very careful on that thin ice he's treading.

What else? Well, so far Stitch has had plenty of opportunities to really rip into me but hasn't even really scratched the skin. Of course, I'm still paranoid around him. When Jim was over the other day he said Stitch went to bite him while in the cage. I didn't see it so I'm not sure. It certainly sounds like Stitch. I need some other ferret people to expand Boot Camp. He's nowhere near as socialized as the other two. The people I have available now just wouldn't be able to grasp what to look for. No dig on them, but I remember Brenda startling Stitch half to death when he went to sniff her hand and she jerked back with a gasp. *chuckles*

Couldn't get another Fell picture out of my head last night. I'm hoping if I ignore it, it will go away. I'd need serious references. And nothing has been started/finished. There was just too much going on. Every time I picked up my Shakespeare volume the phone would ring or someone would come to the door. Everybody but the kitchen sink.

I think today's main agenda is to get another box packed but that's several hours off. I feel like doing something pointless but I know if I fire up TPW or Torment it will eat the day.
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