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6:11 PM

Owwwwwch... *whimper*

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So...good day at Faire. Strong wind after a dust-settling rain and because of the rain, no kids to entertain--a good thing because it gave me running time. Got to say hi to Fafner (ah loves the Fafner...Fafnir...anyways,) picked upon by Tickles and Toy and ah loves those guyses too. Ran down to get the new Jolly Rogers CD, Cutlass, Cannon and Curves. Also very good I'm sure though I've not yet had time to listen. Got to take food over to Paige (the elephant)  Something I've always wanted to do, mind. Carrots to the camels (via the handlers), late witness to a bodice burning and I picked up another hat from Thailand via T'ger (apparently this is hawk the festies day for me)...picture pending maybe. I love my hats. Anyway, those were the major good things. Cute thing of the morning was Stitch finding my purse, finding my light-up Squirt pen inside (Finding Nemo) and hiding it in an as yet undetermined location. O.o'

But during said good day at Faire I was witness to an individual dragging their ferret across the ground. Quite a long way I might add. Unfortunately I couldn't get away. (Mind that today at site it ran about 85 degrees F.) Maybe that was fortunately since I'd probably be some form of incarcerated rather than putting this journal entry together. Still...

Anways, we get out of there finally and get home and what do I do while we're unloading the car? Completely biff it going up the stairs. Scrapes, a blood blister and the jamming of both wrists. So far they're still mostly in shock which is why I'm doing this instead of laying around whining but I can feel 'em waking up.  It dasn't feel good.

Site news: Got the Gargoyles gallery up and added my very first new piece of art to my site YEAY! (Site itself still nowhere near completely constructed sadly, and now on top of the pain I also have a commission for one or two chairs' designs plus my own chair design to do before it gets much later.)

Anyway: Art Mishap News Page From there the new art can be clicked upon. Just watch your heads since content is still so sparse.

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