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2:15 PM

Progress report

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Lucky yous. It's a short one.

Allaidh gallery went live as did the progress page (the latter meaning that all of the links on my entrance page work now.) I can't vouch for any other links though. :\ It's a terrible process, this.

Terribler still is that I'm having to change my AIM contact (actually I don't have to but it's gonna save me some problems in the long run.) Essentially it has to do with a dead email account and an oversight on my part. Anybody lurking through that knows my current one, just take the # out and add me inifyouwouldIloveyoulots! Else I guess I'm gonna be on more just trying to get the transfer to go smoothly. I already have a handful of folks that I either don't know who they are (name changes I'm betting) or they're around less than I am. Bleh.

Anyways, that's it. I'll maybe do the link next time.

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