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2:41 PM

Check check check. Systems are allright.

  • Mood: Eh why not?
  • Music: All That Jazz -- (from the Chicago soundtrack)

Been workin' on the new website. Only a few pages up at the moment, including 1 gallery that I think I'm gonna tweak as I go along. One more page and all the links on the entrance page will work. I might put up the link for ppls to peruse then but it'll just depend on how I feel. It's a tedious process beginning @ 5 discs of old art to look thru. The navigation structure is still in the planning phase. Oi me.

My organizational skills are terribly lacking, have I mentioned that? Site's gonna be a lot smaller to start, but that's ok. It'll give me an idea of what sort of bandwidth use I'd been doing before. Heh. And yeah, I still don't have my new icon ready for here. AAAAH! I still have what? 5 things ... six? in the Photoshop queue. AAAAH! again.

It appears my husband is watching Cold Mountain. (Looks like a vile little bit of cinema.)

 For the moment I'm  (the TV is so loud!) and pondering. Two things in direct conflict I might add. I think I'd rather be up in the studio doing something creative but as always I'm kinda stuck to the computer. Figured I might as well drop an entry here while I was at it.

Come on babe why don't we paint the town...

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