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7:04 AM

So it begins...er began, yesterday XD

  • Mood: Sleepy
  • Music: Sail Away Sweet Sister -- Queen

I have my domain now. I'm even all set up with my space. I guess you could say things have been set into motion. Now I have to decide what's going back up and start retagging. I...haven't learned any of the things I said I would before this day arrived. I did--however--manage to learn to french braid. (Though honestly not that much from the instructions as the pictures and memories of having my hair constantly in french braid(s) as a kid.

What that has to do with anything, I don't know. Anyway that was my news--I got my domain and am in the process of starting anew. (Barring a sort of temper tantrum when the control panel intimidated me.) I may do progress reports here or not at all or spelled out in ferret kibble and sent through the post.

Or, I may finish just in time for my name to expire. HA!

Now, if I could do something about random allergic reactions.

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