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10:10 AM

The brownie lost!

  • Mood: In suspense
  • Music: Don't Fall Away -- Fuel
D & V had us over to eat taco salad and "watch the game." I finished Fell and Hawk kept an eye on a spider on the ceiling. We're not sports people. Well, I like hockey a little and he claims he likes to watch karate but I've never seen the phenomenon--him watching karate. I've seen karate and the like. I'm reminded that Bloodsport was on my favorites list for quite some time, Jean Claude van Duh or no. I should watch that again. Cable's been showing it of late.  Re-watched Instinct over there and sandwiched my day between half of Sling Blade. Unfortunately it was pretty much the same half on both ends but I can live with that.

I passed on brownies. That's major. I'm way too into desserts. I even managed to stay away from soda...even bigger. Everybody stayed pretty mellow. We did get news that a friend's dad is really sick. We ran over last night to let the dog out. I'm wondering if they're back home yet or not, else I'll go run her around the yard and give her breakfast. I'll probably call in a little bit if they haven't called us.

In other news I may Photoshop color this new Fell. I left it in waterproof ink entirely in case I wanted to hit it with markers but I did Third Year like that so I figure why? However, I've only got a couple of Photoshopped regular Fells floating around in the gallery and none with the modified outfit. I don't think I've ever Photoshopped Fell in her black outfit. Of course...it means I'll have to rescan the thing. Way to plan ahead. Anywhoo, overall memory served well enough on Fell. Minor changes were planned on the outfit. The real fun will be attempting to find the old pic of Ariah someone sent me to see how far off I am. I changed him around quite a bit over the course of his life...and I still can't decide if I want him to have the standard limbs or logically conclude the first picture. (Which it appears I've misplaced. Whee. I might have done that on purpose and just forgot...)

Wrestled the gridpad upstairs...it did fit though coming back down w/it is going to be an adventure. And it's bigger than I thought. I haven't put anything on it yet. I must, must, must get something done on Jacks's requests. (Every time I say this I get railroaded into something else but dammit...)  Anywhoo, I should hit that update before anything comes up today but first: nuking the coffee!
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