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11:03 AM


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So I ranted in the blog I'm seeing behind this blog's back about how all of a sudden the plan changed for my DN and now I have to snag it myself, lob the ball into the next court and wait to see if it comes back. All my ducks are going out but there's no promise of a return.

In other news, the Photoshop queue is even more full and I still haven't put up guest art or the silly colored pencil thing I did at Ma Ma China's. I've taken on a request. And there was much waiting.

Faire starts tomorrow.  The hair was dyed yesterday. The color is overwhelming. I love it, but I may have to stick with something softer (albeit farther out of the realm of natural)...or get a tan.   And everything I touched or looked at is a healthy shade of midnight blue (I did blue-black this time.) HA! But hey, my ferrets still recognize me as the treat lady. Thought about updating my journal picture up there but I just dunno. My camera is fried, did I mention that here? Actually it's not so much fried as it is taken after me. Tragically nearsighted. *runs into a wall*

I'm more or less out of my funk for the day. But I still have to mess with my hair and lay out for once and for all everything I'm going to wear tomorrow. Gave it a test run earlier so a handful of folks could see less than a handful of pictures. But I'm still missing a few things and the final word on the weather.

Like a pulse wave of devastation it is. Rather like the administration. I want off this planet.

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