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10:12 AM

Dinner plans...

  • Mood: Hurried
  • Music: 99% -- Soul Asylum
Final countdown. The final "look" is more tart than morbid. *chuckles* The phrase "too much black" always cracks me up...it's mythical but I'm feeling almost colorful anyway so why not? It's a decent enough excuse to take the red and black fishnets for a walk along with the pink skull shirt. I'm not even sure when we're leaving. Late enough to give me time to work myself into a foine fit, no doubt. I'm wondering if my clipboard will fit in my purse. I need a pack version of the Skellington bag...that's just all there is to it.

Felly's being inked so I can make sense of what kind of space I have left over for Ariah...(not that I remember what he looks like very well.) I'm sticking with the referenceless thing so I'm not entirely certain I'm remembering even her outfit correctly. If time presents itself today I want to at least do some thumbnails for Jacks's second thing. Prognosis doesn't look good since I'm still sitting here -ing around w/this. (At least I'm amused.)

There's been talk of venturing out into the *shudder* sunlight this weekend. With the *twitch* dogs even. Yesterday Mia not only backed out of her collar but she buried it before jumping the fence. Spiteful thing. If she'd listen she wouldn't have been in that mess in the first place. I'm having doubts about our ability to properly care for this dog. We had to move her chain because she was chewing on the house. She's predominantly an indoor dog but see...she was only supposed to live with us for 6 months at maximum until her owner found a place that would let him keep her...that or his ex was going to take her. That was about a year and a half ago. There were other promises. And now we're stuck with this dog that still looks for his car when she goes outside and totally doesn't understand us any more than we understand her. And Rain has become attached to her. I'll put up w/a lot out of a creature (point: Stitch) but destruction of property is a bad line to cross. We'll have that to look forward to with Rain eventually. She's half Aussie and I swear I'm never ever getting another one of those. Sweet dogs but I'd much rather be the craziest creature on the property.

Anyway...for the time being I'll just have to try to re-train Mia along with Stitch and hope nobody gets throttled in the process.

And now it's (well past) time for something else.
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