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10:03 AM

Is it just me or does Axl Rose sound a lot like Ethel Merman?

  • Mood: Dazed
  • Music: The Garden -- Guns 'n' Roses
*nasal* Red Roooh-se-e-e-e-s. *snicker*

Trying to cultivate a good mood.  levels were dangerously high yester-eve and KH was in parts too subtle for even me, the Empress of Vague. On the upside, Felly got arms, wings and a nice sword. Unfortunately she's floating in a way that's too weird for me to ignore. I'm determined to finish this one reference-less. Did I mention I want it to be in ink? In other creative news I wrote myself out of that corner and started mentally composing the next request. Apparently anger is working for me this week. My paws might say otherwise but I'm ignoring them for the moment.

Stitch gave me a little nip a bit ago but nowhere near as hard as he usually bites. He was either still somewhat asleep or is actually getting the idea. Jen seems a little better and I found that skirt.

Can one own too much black lace? Instinct says no but in light of my steadily-waning storage options I'm thinking it's a resounding yes. I'm in the countdown hours until 'get-together' and my head's just all over the place. In the time it took me to find the one skirt I've totally forgotten what I wanted to put it with...save for the mock combat boots of course. Those are a given. I'll figure it out I'm sure. Finishing the coffee will help.

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