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9:47 AM

Too many options

  • Mood: Eerily Cheerful
  • Music: Them and Us -- Bad Religion
Lessee, Brenda liked her present. YeaY! Most of yesterday got lost on weasel camp and finishing the Rowan picture. Site update is next on my list of things to pound out today. The other project got further along while I re-watched Rounders. I remembered that movie a lot more fun than it was. I'm told John Malkovich did an excellent job with his accent. Shows what I know, I thought it sounded pushed.

Is Matt Damon some kind of glitchy, hard-edged genius in all of his movies? (Do I really care?)

Wrote myself into another corner. I do that.

Anywhoo, despite its problems I'm really happy with the way this latest Rowan turned out. That only leaves me one more aspect to work out the colors for...but two full costume versions. Gah! I adore her but I'm kinda tired of drawing her right now. Maybe I need to pick up with Minai again. He's been waiting for morning to arrive so he can lead the assassins through the Ring City for awhile now. It's what he gets for being such a popular jerk. (And what I get for trying to figure out just how far I can push the DM before somebody dies...what the hey? Minai's already ruined personality-wise. D@mn if he ain't pretty tho!)  Yeah, enough of that...like I have time to deal w/his problems right now.

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