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8:35 AM

Damn, forgot

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Add two more to yesterday's list. Eve's Bayou and Dracula II: Ascension. The special thing about the first one is that it doesn't matter if I find it one minute into it or with one minute left. The clicker gets clicked and the butt gets planted. Now, with Ascension it's a little different. If I look ahead in the guide and see it I'll rearrange most plans to watch it.

So here I am babbling about movies with the last bowl of Lucky Charms  when I really should be hauling my ass around the house getting ready for the zoo. We got a white tiger now (I'm sure she's on loan) that's causing quite a hullabaloo. And I just reminded myself that when I went to pet the rays I never did get a stuffy to commemorate. Now that was the single most simultaneously thrilling and saddening experience I can think of. I, squink-girl petted manta rays  but people having no respect for any damn thing essentially poisoned the rays to death by not washing their hands or removing their jewelry, thus releasing chemicals and/or foreign dirts, colds and whatnot into their water. If memory serves, half of the little buggers died over this, including the one with the really prominent little cow face that I loved so much. Most don't remember the hippo incident from many, many years ago. Bottomlining it, KCZ needs help!

Anyway, I saw the albino crocodile but I can't remember if it was before or after. I haven't been back for any other reason. *shrug* I forgot where I was going with this.

(Sheesh...five entries w/o music. It hurts and stings!)

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