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10:20 AM

Little good news ain't bad...

  • Mood: Mildly Amused
  • Music: Sloop John B -- Kingston Trio
The evil one is home and pretty happy about it. He was super squirrely for awhile and most of the afternoon and evening he would wake up and either make sure both of the other boys were still in the cage w/him or look for us. Generally Stitch'll curl up with at least one of them for a little while, then get over it and find an unoccupied bed to sprawl in. I saw him sleep alone once yesterday. Jen's foot started bothering him later in the afternoon and by the time we got home w/evil he was limping around pretty noticeably. Today we'll be trying some home doctorin' the vet suggested. He's not gonna like it. I'm wondering if Hawk had them up late because usually by now they're giving me the laser stare but nobody's so much as twitched a paw in my direction. *shrugs* Talked to lots of ppls last night, many of whom I was wondering about 'cause they'd been really scarce. Got Fuzzy's approval on the request pic and that makes me happy. I love the things ppl send me @ random. This for instance. Technically that wasn't the cat I was sent but I've been trying to point a different one out whenever I pass this along. I've only perused thru D so far. *loves Shara and her twisted humor* Packed some more things away yesterday and got through most of the flat colors for the Rowan pic...and some of the shading. Once I got to the wings my plan for them changed drastically so it won't take as long as I thought. But then...the effect won't be as dramatic either. She's still got a LOT of refining to go so I'm going to do my best not to worry about it. Dennis was right...I need to relax and stop thinking about my projects so seriously. I didn't work on the other one at all, opted to write instead and work one of my nightmares into the current storyline. I'd been complaining about losing the opportunity to use that and of course in a few days I figured it out. My old tape deck is apparently kaput. I had my heart set on pointless late-80s hair band music today...especially since my Poe CD disappeared. Poe as in scary singer girl rather than Edgar Allen. It's around somewhere I'm sure. My logic probably took over again and squirreled it away. I've yet to check the clean laundry...thought I saw a book sticking out of there so you never know. (Two books and no CD for those of you keeping score.) S'Brenda's birthday today...we never made it over w/her present last night though. I only heard part of the conversation but it sounded like they'd rather we not drop by. *chuckle* We had anime to finish watching anyway...and I still haven't wrapped said present. Probably should do that next. Anyway the whole FY experience went about like I thought it would. I was curious and entertained (in the way that involves much wincing)...Hawk at some point turned to me and said "I can't stand not knowing what happens. How 'bout we get the next volume in April?" Oy.
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