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8:22 PM


  • Mood: Kinda sad, kinda hopeful
  • Music: N/A

I am now recovered enough from my trip to take stock but if this makes little sense...well, I've only just emerged from my couch cocoon and am waiting for my brain to unfurl. (Rather like a little grey bat.)

Council Bluffs: Whee! (Great fun, still juggling the park and the pool on the fun scale) Love you B! My left shoulder burn-of-some-degree looks like road rash though.

Can't take my eyes from: the mood ring. Best bet: It's going to be purple (stressed) until I lose it.

Currently have my nose in: Moon Magick and Scarlet in Gaslight (Seymoure is too nice to me.)

Theme: Purple. The mood ring, the EG bag, my new misc. cloth, shirt, shoes, luck cat and other things I'm no doubt forgetting. Oh yeah, most of the cover of Moon Magick.

Understanding: Pocky. I get it now.   But for the record I'm just as addicted to Hello Panda.

Amazement: Brie who's mind is so open all I can compare the awe factor to is drowning in joy.

Sorrow: Drawing STILL is not working for me.

Squee: The look and sound of a steel guitar.

Where is it: Book of Shadows (N-F)

Gotta get to: Christmas Carol. GOTTA!

Need to do: Laundry. Seriously. This is getting stupid.

Not going to watch anymore: CSI. I have to draw the line somewheres. (Too bad I only just started.)

I remembered Jade's birthday but was too stressed out to pull myself out of hermitude long enough to wish her well. I'll take the karmic tap on that one. I deserved it. Maybe that's why we just very likely got scammed by the Mags for points people. My bad. I didn't speak up when I should've on either count.

Cable guys were back again. Talk about getting stupid. I swear we should start a halfway house for wayward cable employees. Supposedly this was the last time for our current problems. I'll believe when I see.

SKASL classes start this weekend. I'm terrified I'll do something stupid and disruptive and screw it up for everybody. I've been considering not going no matter how badly I want to be there. The tremors have something to do with this.

Oh yeah, several weeks ago the question was posed: What movies are on your always-watch when they're on list? (Approximately.) I've probably put too much thought into this but here goes.

Note: This list is constantly changing as my Seen and Own lists change but let's just put it down to bare bones in no particular order. Obviously I don't have these yet.

The Piano (gets a little weirder every time I see it and I have to see it every time. It's on the must-own list.)


Curly Sue

Dances With Wolves

Quigley Down Under (is everyone in Aus. as butt-ugly as you three?)

The Little Mermaid

Sling Blade

Eyes of Fire

City of Angels

The Breakfast Club

Some Kind of Wonderful

Sister Act

Storm of the Century (mini-series count! They do!)

The Missing (OH how I LOVE this movie in all its creepiness.)

The Fisher King

Tale of a Vampire

Still Breathing

Encino Man (Don't say one word!)

Hero (I'll get this one at some point for certain.)

The Gift (this one too.)

There are more. There's one just the other day that Hawk said "Why haven't we bought this one yet?" and I can't rememer its title. Obviously there are a bunch I already have--lots that I'll just throw in when I see them on cable or reg TV and watch at my own pace. Lots of my shiny happy movies aren't on very often (when I'm watching TV or otherwise) and of course I have a sort of swiss cheese memory at the moment. There's a vampire one with Jackie Chan that should be on there...Vampire Effect I think. Anyways the list is long enough, no? (Even without the really obscure ones and the girliest of the girlie ones.)


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