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9:24 AM

Nope, no excuses

  • Mood: Tumbleweed-y
  • Music: Heaven (is a Place on Earth) -- Belinda Carlisle
Killed most of yesterday on anime. Finished watching all of Cowboy Bebop and watched most of the first two seasons of Fushigi Yugi. I'm really beginning to re-think my investment in the latter. Actually I think Hawk liked it better than I did (what we saw of it initially)...it's pretty and sometimes it's so funny I'm afraid I'll bust a vein in my forehead but otherwise it's just not that good. People have sworn by this series in the past--people whose opinions I actually respect (insofar as I respect anyone's opinion )  It's like if DC decided to put out Sailor Moon and keep most of the humor intact. This thing is just ALL over the place! (Rather like my stories really, but we won't go there.) And sadly I know I'm going to have to know what happens in the rest of it...and even if I can beat that there's still the matter of how hard Hawk laughed over the whole thing.  *sighs*  On the upside I sketched and wrote through a lot of it so the day wasn't a total wash.

I ended up starting project 2 over. It didn't transfer right (I was in a hurry so it's my bad really.)  Rowan's nearly blocked in except the wings (which as I've already said will take forever)...I'll count myself uber-productive if I get to the shading inside of four days (which amounts to 2-4 hours give or take. One of these times I'll remember to time myself just to see how long this really takes.) And hey...I'll have stuff to go up on the sketches page for March for sure. Heh.

However, I still haven't managed to locate the skirt I was looking for. That's ok considering the event keeps getting put off. The finding problem just means that my logic struck again and rather than storing it properly I put it somewhere where at the time I figured I'd be able to find it easily when I wanted to wear it again. Obviously even I don't understand my filing system. I know where all my garb is though. It wouldn't be the first time I went to dinner as a pirate or the like...so at least I have a backup plan. Now if I can find a place to put my giant white tigers (stuffed animals almost as long as I am tall.) I bet I can lose those, improbable as it sounds. I still need to take a picture of the second one to send to Sy so I can caper about and laugh.

I'm by far and away too easily amused, that's all there is to it.  Anywho, Stitch's jail time is supposed to be up today. Guess I'll find out here in about four hours.  Jen was trying to climb out of the cage through the roof door this morning so I assume he's feeling better. I'm anxious to see how they react to Stitch now that they're probably pretty sure he doesn't live here anymore. Jen's been happy in that nobody has moved his soccer balls in many days and Baron hasn't been kicked out of the "good" bed.  Bite-free Boot Camp starts tomorrow if all goes according to plan. (When does it ever do that tho?)

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