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10:25 AM

[insert rude noise here]

  • Mood: Unanchored
  • Music: Carefree -- The Refreshments
Yesterday's minor plan fell apart. Hawk was in a CivIII mood and absolutely had to have chocolate chip cookies to round out the experience so guess who had to be baker freak? I spent hours and hours in a sugar-glazed state. I can't do cookies w/o lots of quality control. Said buzz was augmented by turning it into a creature feature night. Watched Lake Placid and Brotherhood of the Wolf. *chuckles* Betty White kills me, spewing obscenities and feeding crocodiles. It's probably what kept me awake. Sugar is my enemy.

Stitch should come home tomorrow. AAH is closed today so he shouldn't be able to kill anyone. Hopefully somebody sneaks in and plays w/him 'cause otherwise he's gonna be a nightmare on Monday. We're going to see if Dr. R or the Ferret Rescue has any ideas on how to get him out of that biting thing. The usual tricks don't work. Well...not for more than a few hours. He forgets. He got me really good on the hand and later when he nipped my arm it wasn't all that hard so he gets the idea in the short term. Katherine's not taking any from him anymore and that's a good thing. He's ruined her for ferrets and that sux but eh...no fixing it now. Jendax tried, bless his little heart. Jen's feeling better today but he's less and less inclined to use that foot. I'm trying to keep an eye on it since Stitch used up all the ferret fund. We'll figure something out if need be...but I'm worrying. It's what I do.

The latest picture is coming along nicely though I'm afraid the wings alone will take as much time as an entire 'nother picture. Plus I'm trying to keep the whole thing neat on a large scale. I was going to digital ink again but I think I may have lost that skill...that or I can't figure out how to work it in to how I'm coloring now. It's something. It's always something. I have to, have to have to get the other picture transferred today or the whole project will tank. Me & my expiration dates...I think I have a site today. I haven't checked. Got around 17 days where if something goes wrong no-one'll tell me. I need a plan. You know...one that'll actually float. But that's another thing that won't get done today, nevermind that I've got four bonus hours.

Photoshop time.
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