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9:08 PM

Well, there you have it.

  • Mood: The mad poet
  • Music: NA

All my games are broken. This is a true dilemma given the fact that A. I love my games and B. it's my escape of choice when the world closes in and I find that I'm lacking both talent and inspiration. Slumpitude is hanging over my head like a great, black bird and boy is it hungry. Just call me bird chow.

Can you meet a nice art thief? I think I did.

I am in a non-communicative phase. I wish for absolute solitude absolutely quiet. Absolutely. There's the vodka ad you never see.

I have been scared completely out of my skin twice this week.

My toes are garnet lapis. <--Just about the stupidest name I've ever heard of. Can you say An employee most stoned?

I am not sure if I like Lost. But if I manage to remember it come fall I will have to know what happens.

Monkey pants have not the power to cheer me.


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