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10:20 AM

If you don't expect too much from me you might not be let down

  • Mood: Mildly amused
  • Music: Gypsy -- Suzanne Vega
Mrrrrrrgh.  Lessee, Jendax ripped a toe. By the time he woke up and I noticed the injury it was all clotted and he  was getting around fine on it. This morning he's limping a little...I think. Jen's sleek and aerodynamic but he  waddles. At any rate I can't figure out what happened though I assume it happened while we were visiting  Stitch.  *sigh*

And so, I get the news that my art site has been disabled for the day. Whoopee. I still don't see how I'm  exceeding allowances but no matter how many times I ask they never tell me anything...though usually the  notice is in error. Usually. Whatever, this always happens when there's no way I can upgrade for the  foreseeable future. And then by the time I can I'm thinking hey...it's been so long since I got any flack about  anything there must've been a problem that is now fixed. Heh. I'm not the sharpest cookie in the pond.

All my email accounts are pretty much simultaneously having fits. Fun, fun. My hands feel better today but  that's about it. I'll be fixing that soon. Photoshop is looking pretty good about now.

Caught the entirity of Flowers in the Attic and Phone Booth yesterday. The latter with its Traffic-wash-blue and  oddly placed humor wasn't bad...funnier than it should have been. Not a great movie though. The former I'd  seen most of before, but never all at once or in order or anything. I read a bunch of the books way back when  and I remember liking them to an extent but not enough to get into the whole rabid following scene. One of my  neighbors swears by the industry...better that than Sweet Valley High I say.  Personally my favorite YA flavor  involves darkly-witty ballerina types and gawky artist boys.

The cold's come back just in time for the weekend. Fwwee! And I just now realized I missed Friday again.  Scheduled update will have to be late since I have no site to speak of today. I seriously doubt I'll have any  actual art ready for when it comes back but you never know. I'm almost feeling mighty today. It's hard to tell  before the coffee's consumed. But tonight I should be able to clean out all of the ferret supplies in my bag  and the boys will soon be a Demonic Trio again.  I'm not even going to bother to make plans tho and just take the  weekend minute by minute. Every time I swear x, y, and z are going to get done something comes up. I do  need to find a specific skirt and everything I have that involves spiderweb netting tho. *grin*
In theory that shouldn't be too difficult.

Anybody else smell famous last words?
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