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9:41 PM

Rain abandoned me...

  • Mood: rained-upon
  • Music: N/A

It started to storm earlier and we were outside woohooing and doing the things we do (for me it was the monkey and the swim, I don't know why.) Neighbor shouted hey so we went skipping across to visit. Well, for Hawk it was more of a hobble but we got there. Halfway through I come back for supplies and I take the dog because she loves her aunt and uncle and doggie cousin. Theirs: Whippet. Mine: Aussie-German shepherd mix but both kooks act just about the same. Anyways, it was getting late-ish for visiting and we took the dog out to continue the chat on the porch. J lets her back in just as a joke but she went and plopped down back on her chosen spot and wouldn't come no matter how much we called her.

Yah. Sing with me now: I ain't got no doggie.

In other news: I have the new (awful, bloody freaking awful) pic ready to go up, I just haven't gotten there yet. I also managed to make an icon. Wheee. I always feel so empowered when I learn something new no matter how trivial it is.

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