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10:10 PM

Viva la gugle--my kingdom for an umlaut...lat..somethin'

  • Mood: Humid

You know what's funny? Finding your art on massive sites that you never signed on to...or something like that but without the bad sentence structure.

But you know what rocks? Sweet ppls. I miss sweet ppls. Katie, Hannah, Leah, Djavol...just to name a few. Jo. I miss Jo too. And Zack and Domo. (I thought I was going to stop after the first 4. Shows what I know.) Whatever, I'm just coming off a really bad stretch. My everyday colored pencils got decimated by a rambunctious little spirit. The love is still there. After that...well, it was worse but we all lived through it. Let's just say it was bad and I'm so very glad it's over now.

At the moment just waiting for the temperature drop and hoping the bottles of ice water and the airflow is enough for the boys.

Pondering whether or not to put up the latest piece of truly horrible art. And I mean truly horrible. Geh. But at least I drew something. :\

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