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9:18 AM

A promising day...

  • Mood: Squee-esque
  • Music: La Vida Loca -- Ricky Matin

To be warm--maybe hot--and sunny. Woo. But that's not the only thing. Last night I managed to get my Halloween '04 pic ready for Con. (I'm too lazy to grab the links.) Mid-stage I printed the thing out to get a better idea of what all I'd have to fix before saying "that's it, I'm done" and I took a good, long look at it. I came to the conclusion that if it wasn't mine I'd drop the $ on it. Granted my taste runs questionable but hey, maybe I'm not the only one. Maybe?

Regardless, the business cards won't be a total loss in that I have something to send now. Nevermind that I have no real sense of light and shadow. XD Now hopefully Shara's compy gets up and running again--not just for sake of sending the pic off, but because she deserves a big ol' break.

I spent the last three hours tweaking on the AF site and it's really starting to shape up. All I really have left is to rearrange the mini-galleries (now broken down by media and all but renamed) and maybe a bit of tweaking. It gets rather graphics-heavy in places. It's probably a complete nightmare for dialup users.

Anyways, it's time to throw open the windows to the day and head upstairs for yoga.

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